STRIVRE GROUP OF COMPANIESPeople, Performance and Products

The STRIVRE Group is the umbrella of businesses centred on key human concepts.
Our Brands
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THE GROUPDeveloping Powerful Brands and Identities

Launched in the UK in the 1990’s we are close to a quarter of a century trading.

The STRIVRE Group is the umbrella of business’s centred on key human concepts : People, Performance and Products, underpinned by Products to harness potential. Our brands have been curated over the years, launched by insight into business trends, driven by passion for what they represent.

The group has business interests from technology, coaching, distribution, recruitment and co working. At the centre of all this is one constant theme, connecting people and getting the best out of them.

STRIVRERThe group is supported by strong business, organisational and cultural pillars.

These essential commercial assets have allowed is to roam the earth planting deep roots in many locations around the world.

Today we strivre to be a human capital firm, dedicated to the connection and enhancement of “Strivrers”.

We call our community “Strivrers”. If you feel you are a “Strivrer” then we would dearly love to hear from you.


Access to “Strivrers” around the world. Network with like minded individuals. Who knows where it might lead.


We are building a vast community of strivrers and advisors. We have taken great care and time to attract and develop them from all corners of the earth, from a myriad of functions, industries and cultures.


If you see yourself as part of the international “STRIVRE” community and want to access to its treasures then we would love to hear from.


STRIVRE IN PARTNERSHIP Connected at the right levels and well placed to affect powerful introductions.

Business is lonely, life can be lonely. Put the two together and it can be a treacherous road. STRIVRE connects like minded individuals from all corners of the planet to chart an easier course.

Through our consulting business and associated ventures we have accumulated vast treasure troves of well respected, accomplished individuals with a story to tell and a part to play in your life.  They are your big brother, a trusted friend and advisor sitting by your side navigating treacherous waters.

  • If you are really a “strivrer”, our coaches are your guide.
  • Sector and industry experts. Gain insight into your chosen job.
  • Life and career advisors. Learn valuable life skills.

Confidantes, people quite happy to listen and advise and partner with you through life’s journey.